First thought blues

my first thought is usually one of cynicism. there’s just so much perceived garbage that is out there but i have to remind myself i’m not at a dump. other times i fact-check when able to do so, which my is idea of putting my foot down. does seeking truth set you free? or make one more cynical?

edit: there is more good than bad, saying so much garbage is an exaggeration. just a few bad apples can spoil the batch

A bit cynical. 15

i guess all i can do is focus on myself in times of uncertainty. norms tell up to build community but how is that achieved if you aren’t others oriented. the sword is double edged, imo

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I guess what matters is where you put your energy.

There are some really horrible ■■■■■■■■ in the world. That is true

There are some really decent human beings in the world. That is also true

Which bucket are you going to drink out of?

Sounds simple, but it really is not easy. I can be a cynic just like yourself


You’re a good egg, Cragger. Sometimes I look for the shitheads just to bring them down a notch. Especially when it affects me or my friends.

It just boggles my mind that people will belittle others on this site. If you want to do that, take your ideals and go vote your conscience and join up with your backers.

I don’t know just yet, but I’d suggest not drinking the Kool aid


I don’t look at all. The “mundane” world in my view is full of greed, hypocrisy, people damaging others over the tiniest gains, willfull disregard of the disorder and decay around the average citizen…■■■■ my jet black jacket is rising already with how much I hate and reject all of this, I separate myself by choice from this seething mass of self-chosen willful annihilation and the mutations that occur in the people that remain…may be having a “bad” day OR seeing things with my right eyes as I all too seldom do


Cool. I got a Louisville Slugger 32”baseball bat I’d be willing to swap

Well ain’t you sweet :wink:

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