First Therapy appointment

I have no first therapy appointment coming your in about a week. I’m a little nervous and slightly skeptical. But we shall see! I’m hoping it helps, especially with negative and cognitive symptoms and my general bleak outlook on life. Who here goes to therapy? Does it help you? If you don’t go to therapy why did you choose that?

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Oh and how long have you been going to therapy?

I used to go to therapy from April until September last year but it wasn’t helpful. It was a general group with anyone who has stress from work/life anxiety, ocd, depression, anger, but no one had pshycosis like SZ of that sort except for me so I just didn’t fit in right and most ppl talked about their current life stressor of family and work and not things like hallucinations and delusions. So back in January I finally found a group I can relate to which was here :slight_smile: so I haven’t bothered looking for a specific kind of group cause they are either far and few in occurrence and the drive to the military hospital takes way to long to be going there more than once a week. I already see my case manager (pshyc tech) weekly for 30 min, my phycologist every 2 weeks and my phyciatrist every 2-3 weeks and my sister in law has schizophrenia so my wife knows how to deal with it very well with me so another great support person I got. So yeah no need for me to go to groups :slight_smile:

I’m meeting one on one with a therapist. But I have found a SZ support group nearby that I think I’m going to try, I’m a little nervous. I think the next meeting is tomorrow

i see my therapist about every other week sometimes less sometimes. i have seen other therapist before my first therapist was when i was in the hospital. she thought it was the cause of my stress that i didn’t tell my parents i was gay yet and was in a relationship with my best friend that my parents didn’t know about. the second therapist was a man and he asked way too personal questions and i didn’t trust him. susan was the next therapist she was kind of weird, she tried mindfulness exercises on me but i could never focus my mind on doing them. then came michelle she was a bitch. kept trying to get me to leave my partner. i had three more after that and i get to the one i have now and she is really nice. she has anxiety issues too so we kind of connect on that. i started going to my first therapist around 7 years ago.

i wish you good luck and relax a bit when you are with your therapist. they don’t talk behind your back to people you know (that was my biggest fear when i first started going to therapy)

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I briefly went to a therapist (maybe 6 months at most) but I didn’t feel like I was getting anything out of it so I just stopped making appointments.

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Try and commit to ten sessions before you make up your mind to move on.


I see my therapist every two weeks. She is very nice and I find it easy to talk to her. She does CBT and PTSD. She gives me handouts on schizo affective issues as well as handouts on other subjects such as panic attacks, PTSD and other subjects. She is the best therapist that I have had.

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Good advice! I’ll be sure to do that.

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I did therapy when I needed it and was able to, like when I was a student and it was free at the student counseling center. I found it helpful, though I had some therapists who were better than others. I prefer one-on-one therapy over group, done both. I don’t do it anymore; I don’t have insurance to pay for it, and I don’t feel like I really need it right now, anyway.

My first appointment was yesterday. I was very nervous so I took some klonopin beforehand. But overall it was a good experience and was nice to just vent for an hour. Have another appointment in a week so we shall see how this goes. I’m going to commit to trying at least ten sessions before I make any decisions

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I go to therapy, but I hope it won’t be that way for long. Therapy helped me a lot with my delusions and understanding when I heard voices, but they did nothing in matters of negative and cognitive symptoms, which to tell the truth I didn’t suffer if it were not for the medication.

That said, therapy helped me too when I felt bad because of the meds. the doc helped me recover my confidence and told me that the effects, if nothing goes wrong, are temporary.

Sometimes I think my negative and cognitive symptoms are because of the meds too…that’s why I’m hoping a switch to Vraylar will help…but not sure if my pdoc will approve it and it will be a lot more expensive but I do have really good insurance.

Therapists are almost clueless about negative and cognitive symptoms, I really hope that your symptoms are because of the meds; otherwise there is little hope…

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