First SSDI Disability Rejection Questions

I just got my first rejection for SSDI disability after having been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I had been mis-diagnosed and self-medicating for years with first in-house stay at dual diagnosis facility 12 years ago.

I have gotten an attorney for the appeal process. In the interview she asked me for a list of my meds and I told her I only take one right now, Latuda.

She looked very surprised. I told her my dr. said she did not want to “stack” more meds until we see what the Latuda does for me since I had a terrible response to a previous medication that actually made my symptoms much, much worse.

She also seemed surprised that I live alone even tho the dr. will not allow me to drive because she says I am not stable.

Does the fact that I am currently on one anti-psychotic and live alone mean that my appeals will most likely be denied?

No it doesn’t. Every situation is different. It is based on if you can work. Don’t give up. It took my husband 3 years for a physical disability and I am waiting on appeals myself.

I don’t think either of those things will deny you. However, I think the interviewers opinion means a lot in those interviews.

I do not mean to imply that she seemed “skeptical” as to my condition in any way. She was just surprised I had not been prescribed more meds. I told her my dr. was being cautious after a disastrous round with lamictal that landed me back in the hospital.

She was actually very sympathetic. I have been unable to get my child support modified in spite of the fact I have virtually no income and she gave me advice as to where I might go to get legal help.

I don’t live alone but got approved the first time on only 1 ap.

I have been on no more than two APs.

In the UK you’d get put on clozapine first and then something added in if that doesn’t beat everything.

Most people are on one, doing poly pharmacy i think it’s called has no real evidence to support it I read somewhere. Not sure if this is true though.

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