First signs and symptoms of relaps

Today my doc reduced my dosage of amisulpride from 200 mg to 150 mg… What will be first sign and symptoms of relapse if relase is gonna occur…those who have experinced relapse please share your views


withdrawing from people is a danger sign for me.


It depends. I never heard voices, I just lose my mind like my thoughts get out of control. I found a good way to check if I had a relapse was to try and backtrack my thoughts. Like why am I thinking about what I’m thinking right now. Usually you should be able to trace it to something you just thought about before, or something you saw recently etcetra. If I persistently can’t backtrack my thoughts over a period of time…say a whole day…and I just have thougts that make no sense to think about, then I am having relapse.

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Lack of sleep and things become a bit “spiritual” for me.


Voices get worse, start getting the crowd picking on me, or angels.

Well medicated I normally have whispers or simple phrases occasionally, so when they dial up it’s usually a sign.

Also my thinking goes spiritual, like @everhopeful


I think you’ll start having trouble sleeping, then comes irritated mood. I always isolate when I’m withdrawing from meds.

I get really irritable. Just angry for no reason.


I’m eating breakfast in a psyche ward with no belt and no shoelaces.


Was this better with certain meds? My irritability is less on meds, I am not violent really. I think negative symptoms make me slightly more irritable but positive symptoms make me way more irritable. I still have some irratibility now on Risperdal but it was less on Abilify. I found that weed made me irritable even when on Abilify.

This is off meds or when it wears off.

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Sleep is for me the most important indicator. If that gets messed up from my experience of it the balance you get erodes and you start failing to cope without sufficient rest


I’m also on amisulpride (200mg, which is my minimum dose) and when I went lower the first thing that went wrong was my thoughts went all weird and the evil spirit in my head (Alien) started trying to control me and tell me to kill. Other times I’d relapse into deep depression. And I’d be very irritable and agitated as well.

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Sleep goes out the window I start hearing voices and my head starts hurting


This is what i go thru daily

Obsessions, lack of sleep, spirituality, and increased paranoia.


I get obsessions too, persecutory thoughts and lack of sleep.

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I feel like I’ve had most people’s signs of relapse but everyday for the last 6 years.

Lack of sleep is always a good indicator for me. The brain being too busy and paranoia usually are my first symptoms.

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