First relapse post operation

Hi guys,
So I am new here and have been diagnosed since November 2015. I made a good recovery for 5 years. Recently, I relapsed and I am so disappointed, embarrassed, and saddened this happened. I am hopeful though that this was not a true relapse given that I had an operation in late November in which I lost my ovary. I was on a spinal epidural, General Anaesthetic and afterwards a morphine pump. The day following the operation I began to experience thought broadcasting again. It was like the sea rising above my head and I drowned. On top of this, presumably, my hormones were haywire as my body readjusted to losing my ovary and the morphine pump likely stimulated the dopamine in the mesocortical and mesolimbic pathways triggering the relapse coupled with enormous stress in my personal life, and the things I had been reading ie. conspiracies re: Hollywood, the entertainment and music industries leading to my belief in a vast Luciferian conspiracy. Anyway, has anyone had a similar experience, where they underwent an operation and shortly afterwards became symptomatic? I was unwell for a month before I was brought to Hospital and treated for one month, and for one month now I have been well. Is it a little too coincidental that the day after a significant operation I became symptomatic after five years of good health?Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Morphine can make you psychotic in my opinion. I know someone who had an operation and needed morphine and they became psychotic. They were fine afterwards. They don’t have any mental illness.

I hope and pray to God this is what happened as it would be so sad when I was well for five years.

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I get psychotic on morphine. It is listed on my medical records everywhere that I am ‘allergic’ to it.

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