First psychology class

Just had my first psychology class it was interesting. Ill get to learn all about whats wrong with me and everyone else’s brain. Should be fun!

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That’s better than how mine went.

“I’m gonna get a degree in neuroscience and then they will know I am not crazy and let me join the military!” No, I learned that I was in fact totally crazy.

Good luck to you, and I hope you will learn enough to better live with schizophrenia.


I remember when I took my first psychology course and I was enamored with the way neurotransmitters work. Come to find out that’s one of the theories that some people believe is the source of the problem with the brain of a person diagnosed with sz. Good luck in your college work and I hope you’re able to take more. Fascinating stuff.

I LOVED psychology when I was still in school

Psychology is the one class I’ve passed since dropping out of school 5 years ago due to psychosis. I got a b. Was interesting.