First Phone Visit Done

So had first appointment via the phone with Mal the psydoc. All good. Interesting to hear his perspective on the whole virus thing being a part of the medical community. Got some good perspective on events and timelines of things. Meanwhile…

He’s happy with my progress with cutting down the effexor so he’s sending me out a script and it’s onwards to 150mgs when it gets here. I feel pretty confident now I’m on 225 so see how it goes…All in all a good thing without the drama of an hour train ride to get there…Welcome to the new world order.


Well that’s great then. No train, less meds, less pdoc lol


I did mine on the phone too.

I still found it helpful

Sounds like you did too!

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I have an appointment mid may and I hate being on the phone so I’m not sure how that will go.

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I actually like Mal. He’s young enough to know all the modern drugs but did his training at the end of institutions. He’s good and very entertaining. He also likes cricket. We have a lot to talk about and he see’s I’m doing well talking about the state of cricket…Still. An hour into there and out and waiting in the reception…that is half a day wasted…I was on the computer but waiting as usual…haha.

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Yeah matey. I liked it. Saves a lot of drama and I still got my opinion across and learned some things. Could be a sign of the times.

Hey @FatMama . Just be yourself and listen. I can talk underwater so It’s not so bad for me but just make sure if your struggling to put down some points you need to talk about…not bad having some cheat cards if your a bit shy or not so good on phone.

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