First onset anniversary

Today is the 20th anniversary of my first hospitalization : I was high on delusion and catatonia, didn’t spoken anymore, not cleaned since many weeks… This acute delusional puff made the diagnosis of schizophrenia easier than a few years before when I was a teen.


I found it very hard to accept sza the first few years. I can deal with it easier now minus my mind going miles an hour. Do you find it easier to cope with sz now?

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Not really easier because negative symptoms still evolue in the bad manner, sometimes positive are also present and concerning the disabilities they are very troublesome : iatrogenic obesity, low functionning, cognitive and memory deficit, etc… Social withdrawal still unsolved. So that consequences on the every day life is important. Prejudice vs normies life is quite enormous.

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Well everyone is going to sag. Have a niceday

Well done on making it through those 20 years :sunny:


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