First loves...mine was in high school

Connie Jean…probably would’ve ended up marrying her but my family moved the year before I graduated and we fell apart long distance…hurt like hell…she was beautiful and great…


My first real love didn’t start till I was 19.

I say real because I was “in love” with a guy in high school but the feeling must not have been mutual cause it turned out the whole time we were “together” that he had a girlfriend….

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I didn’t find my first love until I was 31. But he was a keeper, we just celebrated 20 years together and 19 married on July 5. :heart:


Same, high school.

I had a girlfriend before I had my first love (they ended up being friends)


My wife was my first healthy love.



A 2001 40th anniversary edition black ford mustang… she was beautiful, we did everything together.


Not yet… infatuations but not real love yet


I don’t think I’ve ever had a true love. Oh well, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

high school. I had two. but there was another that wasn’t love. Liz. she was cool.

someone’s probably reading this.

After 12 years of marriage,

The meaning of “love” has changed quite a bit.

I would say I never loved anyone until I loved my husband.

I had lust for guys, I loved aspects of their personalities and traits,

But I couldn’t have built a life with them.

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I think I was like 7 or 8 years old. The way I had to show interest was teasing her and making her angry lol

So was mine. 15151515

My wife was my first and only love. We met in high school.

2004 was the 40th anniversary Mustang. The body style on the 2000 to 2004 was the same. I have a couple of 70s.

That yellow one I have had since 1985.

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I had a 2014 50th anniversary also but I sold it.

As you can tell I like the ragtops. I sold a yellow 2004 40th anniversary also. It was a ragtop too

I had that 2016 5.0 also. But I brought it back. The note was like $750 a month and it wasn’t any faster than my 20 year old corvette

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