First day on Latuda terrible headache

Anyone ever have this problem? This medication works wonders for me. So much better than seroquel. It does a better job of getting rid of my delusional thinking. No more weird dreams like with seroquel. The only problem is this afternoon I had a terrible headache. I am almost certain it was a side effect of the Latuda. Has anyone had this side effect before? I don’t know if I could take it if this is going to happen regularly but the medication just works so well for me.

paging @roxanna (she’s on latuda)

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I have headaches frequently but im on latuda and haldol. There feels like there is a tight band around my head

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I’m on 120mg latuda. I’ve been having headaches last few days

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I don’t know if I can handle these headaches. The medication works so well… maybe I should just go back to seroquel everything I try has shitty side effects :frowning:

How do you know the Latuda is working if it’s your first day taking it? Just curious. I am on Latuda 120mg and have been for a while. I haven’t had the headache problem. Maybe it will go away when your body adjusts to it. If not, be sure and talk to your pdoc about it.


I didn’t like Laguna. I got a lot of anxiety on it

I had headaches on latuda.

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I also had a headache on Latuda, didn’t take it for very long but it went away after a couple days. Can’t speak for the higher doses though.

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I know it’s working because I can feel the effects and my delusions aren’t as bad…

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I’m going to stay on it haven’t had a headache yet today but I got so tired I had to take a nap. Still better than seroquel.

I am on 120mg of Latuda. I get headaches. The only thing that helps me is eating right before taking my dose.

I also am very tired on it. I take Modafinil to cope.

The Latuda helps my hallucinations and delusions.

Rooting for you! Keep us posted!
Why the med change?

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Glad it works for you it’s a great medication and I am very happy with it so far. My pdoc changed my medication because I was having a lot of anxiety. The seroquel wasn’t helping much with my delusions and I was also getting some very weird dreams. Now I take Latuda and pregabalin but the combination makes me so tired. I go back to college on the 22nd so I’m hoping the drowsiness won’t be as bad then. I’ll keep you posted I post pretty frequently on this forum.

I’m glad you have a few days to adjust before school starts. Do naps help you?

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Yeah I have taken a nap today and yesterday and after that I don’t feel so drowsy. It helps but I won’t really be able to do that when I have classes all day. 8 hours a night doesn’t seem to be enough. I do have some dextroamphetamine from when I used to take that but I wouldn’t use it without consulting my doctor. Probably not a good idea since I stopped taking it because it was making me paranoid

Please don’t take anything that causes symptoms! It’s not worth it! Naps help, but I understand you can’t take them every day. I couldn’t either, that’s why I started Modafinil. I sleep for 10 hours every night.

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