FIrst day of work

It was rough. I was taking computer classes and they would not let me finish. They told me I had to redo the hour long classes. I was really pushing for them to figure out a way I would not have to do it again. My anger was up, but I do not think anyone noticed. Then they did not put my hours in the computer. The manager says oh we will put them in. I don’t expect them to be put in – he probably already forgot. My emotions were high and I almost broke down in tears when speaking to the manager about it. He seemed upset that I did not remember what hours I worked yesterday. It was pretty upsetting to me.

Then I thought some of the managers said, “is that the guy.” As in great this guy he is probably going to be fired. I swear I heard it.

Rough day. I hope this works out. Honestly, I feel like I might have a psychotic break. Which is pathetic considering this is probably one of the most low stress jobs a person could have.

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I hope everything’s okay. I like to think things will be, helps a lot.

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