First day of work

Today I start a new part time job at a gym. I’m nervous and scared to fail again. I’ve had and quit so many jobs that should’ve been easy for me. I just know this will be a source of stress for me, and will probably cause me to be irritable and take it out on my partner. I don’t want that to be the case, but it always is.


Hell, it may turn out great and you will enjoy it. It’s possible, you never know.

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Maybe you can’t choose whether or not you get irritable, but you can choose how you act on it.
You shouldn’t take it out on your partner, and you should make a conscious effort to not let it affect her.

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I know, and I’m getting much better about being conscious of my actions. This time I’ve been out of work, I’ve been really focusing on managing my anger and hostility. You’re very right, my partner doesn’t deserve it.

Most jobs have a learning curve. They know you might not learn everything the first day and they know you might make a mistake or two. So don’t stress. But keep the mistakes to a minimum!

Thanks. I’m gonna do my best and if I make a mistake, try and be reasonable and calm about it. Sometimes I get more worked up than the boss.

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just wishing you the best of luck

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Thank you karl :slight_smile:

Good luck. It’s worth trying things just to see how far you can push yourself. Stress is a big problem for folk like us but some will keep you on your toes…Hope you do well.

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