First day of pregabalin - is good

Took 75mg this morning. It works well. Only side effects are ever so slightly blurred vision and slight increase in appetite. Feel very relaxed.


Take it for a few weeks before you decide it works well or not. First day is often just placebo effect.


I hope you don’t feel any adverse side effects. My psychiatrist mentioned something for anxiety to replace my benzo, but when I looked up the side effects, one of them was ‘disorganised thinking’ and confusion. So I declined.

I don’t want to scare you off it, but some of the potential side effects of pregabalin are ‘cognitive dysfunction’ and confusion. So keep an eye open for those.

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Yeah. You are right - placebo effect is strong. I hope it works.

Will keep an eye out for them @everhopeful. Think I will be sensitive to cognitive stuff so hopefully will identify them if they happen.

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I’m glad that it’s working out for you so far @Jimbob

My psychiatrist prescribed me Gabapentin a close cousin to Pregablin but I refused to take it because one of the side effects was inducing Mania in those suffering with bipolar tendencies.

Not trying to discourage you, everyone’s reactions to these MEDS are different.

wave are you a dr? why would you think your pdoc would prescribe something for you if he thought it would increase mania
don’t you trust him

I get a false sense of well being from it…every third day…its a weird medicine…gaba can’t cross the blood brain barrier…but the build up in the blood tricks your mind into producing more on the brain end…and most people get at least slightly manic…my doc says people are abusing it because of the mania…so yes it does do this to a lot of its users…

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Of course I’m not a psychiatrist.

I did enough personal research on Neurontin or Gabapentin.

What I found is that it is not uncommon for those suffering with a bipolar disorder to experience increased Hypomanic/Manic behavior while under the influence of being on Gabapentin.

It’s not a small risk either.

Since I am very sensitive to the effects of all different psych MEDS - and I am easily triggered towards becoming Manic easily, I decided not to take the Neurontin - I didn’t want to chance it.

Besides, I know myself more than my doctor does.

Here is a shocking fact for you MG.

Doctors aren’t right all of the time.


i can’t argue with you on that


I’m glad your first day went well @Jimbob here’s to many more!

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Just taken my second pill. They only last about 6 hours. Might ask to go on 3 a day.