First Day Back on My Abilify

I know that 5 mg isn’t a therapeutic dose @everhopeful, but…just took 5 mg lol. I’m feeling slightly heavier and less good than I did before, but I also feel more in control of my mind. I hope they help to stabilize me further. I got the nice-looking blue ones with “TV” on them from Teva.


Anyone want to chat? I’m bored and alone and terrified of television…ironically lol

Does anyone have any tips for conquering my fear of watching broadcast television? I miss TV.

I’ll chat for a little bit. I just realized I somehow missed an entire season of How I met Your Mother, so I’ve been catching up on that.


An old friend of mine really enjoyed that show, I’m afraid to watch it and “taint” it. Idk. Is it good though?

It’s funny, but if you’re still having bad delusions of reference, you should probably wait until you’re feeling better. They break the fourth wall a lot, and I could see that freaking you out sometimes.

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It totally would lol

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So, is your dr starting you at a low dose with the intention of going up? It’s an awfully low dose, if being used as an AP. If it helps, it helps, though.

I’m about to take another 5 mg, because this dose really doesn’t feel very therapeutic.

I stopped watching tv because I felt attacked and/or set up by “tv people” .

Years later I started watching DVDs and recorded series so what I’m watching is not live etc

I have still felt attacked but continue to watch anyway and it may not be as bad as live tv.

Hope you can enjoy watching tv again.:blush:
Good to see you around.
Hope your medication works.

With both latuda and olanzapine I know that a tiny dose works and helps me more than nothing.

I tried getting of medication and felt horrible and that tiny dose seems to help a lot.

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10 mg is too much for me. 5 mg felt much better. I can feel this depressive numbness creeping up on me from 10 mg. Hopefully it passes.

WHY ARE YOU TINKERING WITH MEDS ON YOUR OWN?!?!?! Don’t do that! 5 mg is a titration dose that you have to take for a while until your body adjusts to it, because if you take 10 mg straight without titrating, you’ll feel like garbage.

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Yeah, I just learned that the hard way lol.

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Never ever take more or less of your prescribed dose without direct instructions from your doctor.


The more you know :rainbow: the less you ■■■■ with your meds!


Mhm. Of course.

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Yeah…your cruelling your chances of wellness.

Medications often don’t work as effectively if you stop them abrubtly. Starting them again isn’t such a good idea without a doctor looking out for you.

What’s your diagnosis? It’s pretty dumb strategy for a schizophrenic.

Oddly enough, my official diagnosis has never been shared with me. My opinion? Schizophrenia, C-PTSD, and OCD, at the very minimum.