First day at College

worried about my anxiety but i have some diazepam just in case

anybody else starting today?


Good luck daydreamer!!!

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Only use your Benzo’s when your really freaked out! They become a problem very easily but your fighting fit over most folks. You’ll have weakness’ that others don’t and that isn’t a bad thing.

Know your symptom set…know how to maintain and do your best…gawd…I’d love to go to university again…with a medicated mind…

Meantime…you panic…put a benzo under the tongue and let it dissolve…it’ll hit your blood stream quicker and it’ll help!

Good luck!!! Stress is our enemy! It’s nothing else. Be confident and just be you!

A friend in the struggle,



My life is too comfortable. No need for college. :relieved: :+1:

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Bank holiday here
Don’t start college till 14 th september
Good luck
Feel the fear and do it anyway
You can you will you shall



Good luck…

I start next week.

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thx @SurprisedJ

and Good Luck to you too

i just got back, glad i made it through the day actually, i had a couple of bad moments but luckily they subsided and i had my diazepam with me, the second time i just had it in my hand but i never took it all day,

in first aid they were talking about hepatitis and i am a bit worried bc i think my dad might have had it and i hope he has not passed it to me (God rest his Soul) i wouldnt blame him if he did but i would like to know what my options were, i hope i havent got it though.

tbh idk if i have been vaccinated so i’m going to ask the doctor

I wish you all the success @asgoodasitgets

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I started today. Took my 1 mg of klonopin before I went in… Was Uber relaxed. School was great I was happy.

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Man I love college , have a good one , is this your second year?

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I started last week.

I go to bed with a bottle of meds and a Heath ledger bobblehead


That is so random and funny lol. Does something about Heath Ledger comfort you?

Eminem said it yo


I start tomorrow. Anxiety high. School causes me a great deal of suffering. Makes me sad because I used to enjoy school but now it really pushes my limits.

Good luck to you though!!

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My professor is HOT. She’s a babe. Weird because she didn’t have a red hot chili pepper next to her name on ratemyprofessors. She seems awesome in every way. Only had a 3.5 overall rating too. I’d give her a 5/5 based on what I’ve seen so far. I kind of have a crush. But I also have a crush on another girl in the class which is good too.


most of my classmates are women, there are two other boys and one is gay, there is also a blind girl in my class,

good luck to everyone who is doing college or loonivercity this year lol

hope you symptoms are not too bad and that you finish your course

i have been praying about this :pray: :+1: