First appointment with new Pdoc tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is not only my first meeting with my new pdoc, but also my first in-person appointment since the start of COVID-19. I’m so excited to go back to the clinic. I miss in person appointments


I see my new pdoc 28 Aug.


How are you feeling about it? Nervous, excited?

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Idk if she will accept prescribing me stimulants. I want to try Strattera. I think I am excited to try something for my negative symptoms.

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I hope it goes well for you. Hopefully something can kick some of those negatives to the curb

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What med changes will you make?

I am hoping to come off of clozapine and get onto an Abilify LAI. Possibly add another AP if necessary that isnt clozapine.

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Good luck @RottenApple and @Aziz!

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best of luck with the appointment @RottenApple !

i see my pdoc next week thursday on the 22nd

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How did the appointment go?

It went very well! A little strange at first as it was a new person I’ve never met before. We went over a plan for my meds and put it in action already. Prescribed propanol for akathisia and lowered my clozapine to 200mg. We meet again on August 10 to see how the lower dose of clozapine has been treating me


That sounds like a great visit. I’m glad. Good luck with the lower dose!

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good to hear you had a good appointment =)

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