Firemonkey is my man

But serious how does het get all the news?

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Stalking the journal sites, RSS feeds, google alerts?

Did I guess right?

He ghost-writes all the articles himself.


Stop it, he is MY man, only mine!

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in my case @zeno is my man, his technique of mantras has helped me cope with intrusive thoughts.
But yes, @firemonkey does the work, it is super important to be updated on developments, it is one of the main reasons to visit the forum.


Nothing special to it. Anyone can do it. Combination of RSS feeds and checking Twitter for #schizophrenia.

Here are ones I use. (pubmed schizophrenia)

and google alerts in my rss feed for ‘schizophrenia’ , ‘psychosis’, ‘mental illness’ ‘mental health’ and ‘psychiatry’


Lol thats a bit much, i wanted to do it on my own. But i will leave it you thanks for doing it

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If anyone has any other good rss feeds then please post them.

@firemonkey I really appreciate your posting the latest news on schizophrenia and related topics as I wouldn’t have time to monitor the RSS feeds myself. :slight_smile:


Way to go @firemonkey! You do a lot of good work for the forum. Thanks man

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