Finishing my degree

I think I’m going to try to finish my degree in mechanical engineering. The only thing is I lose focus easily and am constantly tired. I want my doc to prescribe me something to help with this, is there any reason she wouldn’t prescribe something like vyvanse, provigil etc. which medication works best?


Tough call. Could be dangerous.

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I wish you well in finishing your degree.

In therapy I see many young people who are able to overcome their illness and go back to school. However you should know what your own limitations are and what kind of life works best for you. I lead a happy Summer in 2017 with no jobs, no friends, just some cooking and a trip to the city every day. There is no magical cure for your low concentration or low energy, even if you might find supplements or exercises that can help. You will have to work harder than a normie to finish your engineering degree and you will need to take meds religiously and focus on your wellness and not overwork yourself if you want to succeed.


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