Finish work on thursday


my last working day is thursday, i have a month off…yeah !!
now i have more time with my thoughts’…what the…!
actually i am pretty happy…no more orders to fill…no more talking about work…no more thinking about stock …
time to work on my spaceship.

"droid i need a wrench and a screwdriver "

take care from dark sith :alien:

p.s i tell you guys because i have no one else to tell, i have no friends.


Enjoy darksith. Catch up on the home repair and take it easy too.


Have a good break sith :blush:


Glad you get some leisure time… enjoy and have fun.


Congratulations, if you do not mind me asking, what kind of work do you do? (BE SIDED BUILD SPACE SHIPS) so I guess we will be hearing a lot more from you, that is a good thing, I enjoy reading your posts. Enjoy your month off!


You are my friend, right? :frowning:


i just run a small business from home…have done for 12 years.
take care :alien:


yes :smile:
take care :alien:


Just in time! I had my last finals today. Yay! Here’s to being off! :wine_glass: (mine is sparkling grape juice)


mine is a rare hundred year old french bottle of shiraz wine :wine_glass:…!?!..i wish !!
take care :alien: