Finding things to be happy about

I woke up feeling bad but after I showered and shampooed, all the bad feelings disappeared and my skin tingled all over. I don’t want to give in to self incrimination. This has been my tendency and I want to stop it.


Hope you have a good day. Great topic. when I started my latest diary I forced myself to make a list of simple things to be happy about. Hope you find many as well. desimb

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I too went through a period where I had to force myself to name one good thing in my life and write it 5 times.

I’ve built on that now I find more good things then bad in my life.

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I can see the things that made me happy, but they are just out of my reach.
The closer I get to them, the more convoluted things get.

I try to see happiness in small things. Like the snow outside. It’s like a magic forest outside, peaceful and beautiful. Snow on the branches. See the beauty instead of swearing you get wet and cold if you go outside.

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Find your passion in life. Even if your passion is to sit in front of a window with a cup of coffee in hand - staring at the blue skies

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I am interested in the US 2016 Presidential elections. I do not want that Hillary Clinton wins this election. Back in 2007 when Bill Clinton came and said that ‘Obama is a threat’ I knew Hillary Clinton was in trouble. Obama won.

well the thing i found to be happy about today was getting a nice smart pair of nike trainers :slight_smile: and they look amazing :thumbsup: