Finding theraphy in analog activities

So recently I started doing a 500 piece puzzle for the first time in my adulthood. It’s really good. I kind of feel like a child when I do it, something I haven’t felt in a long time. I might have the radio on in the background, but sometimes it’s nice to just have it quiet too.

Simultaniously I’m stepping down on all screen based activites. I got a non-smart phone. I haven’t watched tv for the last three days and I keep my internet activity to text based stuff. No videos. I think this is good for my mental health. And I keep remembering that when I was commited to hospital for psyhosis they kept impressions to a minimum. They took away my phone, there was no tv. No pictures on the walls in my room…nothing…only some magazines to read in the dorm. I will continue this practice for some time to evaluate the effects, although I plan to watch some of the european championship football that begins today, but nothing more.


i hope it will be good for you =)
it would be a bit hard for me to do and i don’t think i need it either…

but best of luck with it! keep us up to date how you feel with it

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