Finding myself in a situation

5 years ago i cried cause i couldn’t take anymore. The voices encourage me to take it, so i did. To this day i take all the hate from the laboratories in form of a zychlophonpixol injection. Like a donkey did i endure taking. Now my back hurts like its broken (arthritis in the spine)My rest of my life will be pain and agony.
What can i do about it ?

Make an appointment with a doctor describe your symptoms & ask about pain management. Most likely you’ll have to take an x-ray along with a drug test before they can offer any type of real pain medication. Meanwhile they’ll tell you to take over the counter ibuprofen.

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The doctor could prescribe me antiflamatories. But its not a permanent solution due to sideeffects. Whats the difference with painmedications ? The xray showed arthritis in the spine or ostherotis.

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