Finding Meaning, Establishing Patterns

How do you do it?

I’ve never been good with routine. Consistency eludes me, however badly I want to be predictable.

Realized a few days ago that with no job (aside from household responsibilities, which are minimal), low energy, and little motivation, AND hardly any sense of enjoyment or peace, I have become an unhappy and restless lump.

Do you have a meaningful routine, or a purpose to your days? How do you stick to it? Did you choose it or did it choose you?

I’m considering creative goals, or weekly trips to the library… but doing anything sounds so huge. And of course there’s the litany of “why bother” but let’s ignore that as much as possible.

Will power, really. I read, I study issues that interest me, I go out for a walk every morning, I try to broaden my horizons and perspectives. I clean my house every week, I cook every two days. There’s no great science behind it, some days I’ll have more avolition and maybe do less, but I try and do it anyway.

I don’t suffer much from negative symptoms on a daily basis, so it’s easier for me probably.

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i’d say to stay positive and keep looking forward towards a goal, find something you love and stick with that,

keep telling yourself that you can do it (whatever it is) and ignore all the doubt

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I take on big, endless projects! These days I sleep 12 hours a day and like to get up early so I’m getting up 5am to 7am which is good. Downside I go to bed at 6pm and sleep like a baby.

So. In between times I give myself goals- most are which are never filled but find some things with my mind are good. Long range projects where I can pick away at things are great! So when I have energy I can go 100% but when I’m demotivated I can just pick away at them.

Crafts or such are good. I’m a male. So for me I’m building a model railway around my bedroom. It takes a lot of skill and money but it’s interesting with the use of modern electronics. I aim to hook it all up through a computer which is another passion…I can play modern video games when demotivated so entertainment is cool too!

So for me, it’s having things you like…and using them to stay motivated. It’s really hard for me. My negatives suck me dry most times but I live and dream… This month. I made a final of the winter cricket competition with a side I’m captaining… I joined a left wing political party which I will go to a meeting with …and I’ve chipped away at the train set…

Keep exercise up…(O always hard for me ) but keep the mind active…get involved in a hobby! I thoroughly recommend it!

A friend in the struggle,



I totally know what you mean. You totally have to be flexible for a while…Is totally about goals.

My sleep meds are so rationed and I’m so overweight, I do have a few days a month where I just barely function. Is much worse sitting around house, right now, just not functioning because I did not sleep for a while. This does not matter as state limits sleep meds and this is how it is…Told if we complain about the 10mg limit on dosage of ambien, state plans to cut it to 5mg for women. So, soldier on with seroquel sometimes. Tradazone doesn’t work. OTC isn’t effective.

I don’t like to leave on schedule, I have a lot of problems with weirdo harassment. I just moved away from living next to cops and really miss the reassurance. City is just this way to female as this whole place went misogynistic. Area always tolerated a lot of sex abuse and city got busted even worse where court isn’t even usable so not female friendly, but I’m stuck here until my husband finishes his ‘something stupid’ time in the slammer. He is pastor’s son so I keep him as he is lovely person who knows better now.

I’ve seen others mistreated worse and worse locally so not motivated to get involved with anything after seeing mistresses and unethical favors. I have lived in a lot nicer areas to socialize and work. This place is harming some people or long setback.

I do frequent some arts or outdoors stuff and rare movie. I watch the upcoming exhibits or shows schedule and put it on my calendar when a show interest me. Was a time when I would have enjoyed gallery openings but community has such negative stigma toward some, is disaster to attend these with witnesses…

My goals:

  1. Finishing up buying my house. Not discussing this with family as is for husband and I. Moved with parents closer to in-laws and it could be a very hard situation with people who do not care about me involved…Is stressful as house may have some issues. Is a cheap place and I had saved up the money for down payment.
  2. Applying for jobs from Craigslist. Office assist or intern for social media/desktop publishing.
  3. Walk every day as soon as temperature cools off. I gained so much weight, is almost disabled.
  4. Still unpacking from move as I had surgery within 2 weeks of move. Cannot lift much.
  5. Studying a bit more on software/marketing approaches to get better work.
  6. Had multiple pets for years living on my own so used to handling their walks, bathrooms and feedings.