Finding it hard to watch regular tv. The adverts seem to be placed specifically to upset me

Just seems like I was meant to be watching that exact channel at that exact time specifically to get the result that I feel scared. Just seems like there is a scheme behind it.

Have unplugged my aerial. Will stick to dvds just now.

I think I am a bit prodromal.


I can’t watch regular t.v. either…too many triggers…I always think it’s about me…I only watch DVD’s.


That’s the exact right word @jukebox! Never fully appreciated what that meant till now. But tv is just too triggering.

Thanks for helping me put a word to it buddy

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Have deleted Facebook because that seemed like an onslaught on my fears too.

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Tv used to send me messages from God

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I don’t like tv man. Am going to stick to my dvds.

I have a fancy programmable remote control. I have just changed the setting to automatically start on Netflix - not broadcast tv. This way I never have to see broadcast tv.


relax man!

you will pull out of it!

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I watch just always the same three channels. All of them got no adverts at all, there ist just little time used instead of adverts for the upcoming program on the day or the next days. It is german Tv. And on those channels most of the day are just documentary. it is rare that there would not be something that will not be a documentary on all three channels. I watch from the internet. I also can watch program with adverts but I so hate it. Reminds me of how stupid Tv can be if I need to see adverts.

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The only tv I watch is the news headlines and only some days. For me there is also too many triggers on tv.

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