Finding it hard to meet targets at work

I feel so tired, so lethargic and I am now sleeping more than I used to. I go to sleep at about 10 and wake up at 6 so its a good 8 hours sleep but I used to have more energy than this.

I work in the community nurses office in the NHS through an agency so I am contract. I have to upload at least 100 documents per day but i am struggling to do 80-90. I don’t take breaks except for lunch because if I do then I can’t make my target.

My manager told me there are others in the other offices who have been able to do 100-150. But I do not know who these people are because the people in my office barely do 80.

I told her if she’s not happy she can speak to my agency. I can’t take this anymore. I am tired and exhausted and feel like i have hardly any energy

No it is not the medication. I am on 5mg Abilify, it’s a really low dose it barely feels like I’m taking any meds.

The job is the easiest i have ever had but it’s the targets that i cannot meet.

I work 5 days a week ( which is 37.5 hours i am there excluding breaks)… my manager has no appreciation for my work. My old job said for me to come back but that was through the agency and i was still under this contract so couldn’t accept. so i am stuck in this job and i don’t know what to do.

likewise, i feel like i could sleep forever.
i need more sleep then i used too, now 10hrs+
but the slightest chore or task wears me down.

i think the main part is my depression, combined with the delussions.
that drain so much energy from me

did you check for an depression? as an standalone issue?,
Also a depression can be part of the schizophrenia condition
i also have read that here that
““It has been argued by some that depression may in some way be ‘caused’ by antipsychotic medication””
link too the source

cant you have a talk with you manager about your condition?

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I hope you and your boss can get this resolved. It very well could be a work load issue.

I already know I could never work in an office. That is too much pressure. I like being out in the gardens. Even though it can get hectic in summer and spring, there are no phones and no emergencies. Flowers don’t often complain.

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@alias Thanks i am not sure if it is depression, the tiredness started with this job. I am not used to working full hours like this. My last job was part-time. There is no way i would talk to my manager about my condition, it’s schizophrenia and schizophrenia means stigma so i have a lot to lose :frowning:

@SurprisedJ Thank you, like i said i told her that she can find someone else if she is not happy. That was a week ago and she hasn’t spoken to my agency yet… i am not going to worry any longer just do as much as i can.

yes i understand, i also do have a hard time too getting it under the wraps.
but if you have a underlying depression that is not related too your schizophrenia
Than it might be more easily too talk about.
since the norm acepts a depression more, because they can relate too it more than too an illness
like schizophrenia.

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I am going to talk to my GP on monday about it… i really think its because i am not getting enough sleep though even though i get the full 8 hours…

i find fresh fruit and fresh veg is very good for high energy

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I’m a vegetarian, can’t get enough of veg haha. But i have gone lower carb so maybe thats the culprit too.

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I had very low energy and felt tired all the time for several years. I was sleeping 8-10 hours, but I never felt rested.

I talked to my doctor about it and he prescribed a stimulant medication called Nuvigil. It worked really well at waking me up and giving me plenty of energy for the day.

Unfortunately, since the Nuvigil increases dopamine production in the brain, it worsened my positive symptoms. So, even though I really needed it, I had to stop taking it.

My doctor and I worked together to find a new regimen to make me alert and give me energy. I started taking vitamin B-12 and ginkgo in the mornings. The combination wakes me up quickly, and gives me lots of energy. Without any adverse affects to my positive symptoms.

These supplements are effective, natural, safe, and less expensive than prescription medications in most cases.

Talk to your doctor to see if you can benefit from taking these supplements. They might help you, like they did for me!



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I could never work that much with schizophrenia. I used to work that much at temp secretarial jobs, but only for a few months at a time. Sounds like you’re doing well working that much. If they don’t think you’re uploading enough documents, then like you said they can let you go. Maybe you could try to go to sleep earlier. I know I need 10-12 hours of sleep per night.

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Interesting. I already have some B Complex supplements, i will speak to my dr about whether i should take them. I was low on folic acid a couple of years ago not sure what my blood levels are now though.

Yes i need to start doing that but i just felt it was weird from needing not much sleep to a whole lot of it.