Finding beauty in the darkest places

I have always been a fan of metal and particularly Slipknot, I found that I wasn’t the only person to feel cursed, angry and suffering last year when I saw this performance from 2002, when the singer, Corey Taylor just released an album with extremely disturbing lyrics to mock his success as a musician, and he was also a raging alcoholic and chain smoker at the time. He’s cleaned up now and has an alternative rock side project, he sings and plays acoustic guitar without wearing a mask, but still has some edgy hard rock songs on his latest records.

I used to listen to this band for hours a day when I was psychotic. It made me feel better. It’s been nearly a year since I was an unmedicated, psychotic, alcoholic, high-functioning paranoid schizophrenic. Now I am successfully medicated and doing well, but I will never forget how real the waking nightmare was.

I really wonder about musicians like this guy. The singer wrote this song. It’s called “Disasterpiece”.