Finding a partner

I,m 50yrs old and had schz for all my adult life. It’s been difficult and scary and annoying but now I just want to meet someone who understands and respects me. I know I,m where I want to be now in my head but do any of you folks have any ideas about meeting a partner or just a friend? I am so wary about it


Do you have a job?

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I respect u my old buddy… i am 31yrs old and i am from Nepal… nice to meet U…??

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have you tried online dating? or it’s too bad there isn’t a site like that for people with MI

I have not had much luck, dating sites seem to mostly younger people, and the few contacts I made were not very good. ( nothing in common) I don’t go anywhere to meet people, but if you can, event that cater to your age group would probably be the best way to go

Thank you all so much I am giving eharmony a
go …wish me luck!

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