Finding a good roommate

eventually i would like to find a good reliable roommate. im not sure i am the easiest to get along with though. i was hoping one of my old friends would need a cheap place to live sometime. i don’t know where i will be able to find a roommate i trust. im probably not going to put out an ad around town, but rely on word of mouth.

i think i would get a job and be gone a lot of the time, just being here in the evenings. ideally my roommate would help with chores around the house and keep their area clean. i probably wont rent a room for another 5 years, until i own the place outright and have the place paid off.

this little town is kinda boring unless you like fishing, or gambling, or golf. which i don’t do any of those things, but there are all the conveniences of city life, like shopping within an hour’s drive and jobs you can commute to. i think whoever is interested would most likely be drawn by the low rent. i would use the rent money to fix up my place or maybe invest it.

has anybody ever found a good roommate before?

I have never had a good roommate before, I split a studio apartment and my roommate was a tweaker and stole from me and took advantage of my car — it was to say the least a big ton of problems, my best advice is don’t even bother – having a good rommate is pain in the ass …

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I may need to find a clean and honest roommate in the future.
No criminal record and no drugs.

I’m going to run a criminal background check on potential roommates.

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