Financial incentive and the current forum moderators

Is it just a hobby or is it a financially lucrative career

I can’t say I know, but if you could document it somehow it might look good on a resume.

Volunteer gig, we don’t get paid


Big bucks I’m talking 6-8 figures. Only the potato gods know the exact amount


That would be a “conflict of interest”

There is an ethical line that isn’t crossed when it comes to providing any service for disabled people- doing it for selfish reasons is that line.

It is all volunteer- you might notice some research articles in science journals stating no conflicts of interest- it is a growing thing that is becoming mandatory

For example…my thesis in college was conflicted- I had to do it to graduate!

I heard the moderators lived in a castle high upon a secluded mountain, surrounded by gold and jewels, with maids and servants caring for their every need :open_mouth:


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One day I’ll get the number to Minnii’s Swiss bank account. Then I’ll be rich I tell you, R-I-C-H RICH (sound of avariciously demented cackling)


Rich in your imagination, my friend :sob:

3out of 5 villains prefer twinkies to hohos

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In a blind taste test that is

Some one says I thought I was the only one_emphasized text_

My paycheque is VERY late at this point!!!


Huh, mine was right on time :kissing_cat: