Financial freedom...!

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I hope to be financially free and retire at 50

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i might have compo coming to me , a huge amount of money

That’s great what’s compo?

Since I got diagnosed with schizophrenia it made me grow up a lot and in turn made me think a lot about my future. One of the things I became conscious about were my finances. I started reading books on finances, investing, stocks etc and started putting my money to good use. I started saving a lot and controlled my finances and spending because before my diagnosis I was care free and spending without a care in the world.

I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 40 or at least close to it so I have 6 years to do something. So far I’ve managed to accumulate $70,000 in total assets including stocks and liquid. I don’t want to work for the rest of my life and depend on a paycheck to get by. I want to have enough money to where I can choose to work if I want.

I’ve read some statistics that 65 - 80% of people live paycheck to paycheck so I don’t want to ever live like that again. It’s a scary feeling and something I’ve worked hard not to repeat. This illness made me push a lot harder to secure some sort of a future for myself than I normally would have. I don’t want to have to rely on my family for the rest of my life and eventually become completely independent and live on my own.

Even though I still live with my parents I contribute financially to them and help them out as much as I can which causes my expenses to be really low and I can work towards becoming financially independent. I think it is a goal that a lot of people should aspire to reach. There is also a growing movement called the FIRE movement (Financial independence retire early) that is becoming popular and a whole community of people that aspire to reach financial independence. I urge people to check that out as well. I know this got long but hopefully this helps someone.

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a lot of people will become jealous @Schizophrenic from your financial freedom

I don’t talk about finances with anyone except for my family and my best friend. Since I can stay anonymous on this website I post a lot of things just to share. A lot of people don’t like talking about finances because it’s considered impolite or being too nosy plus a lot of people like to keep things private. I just do my thing and keep it going.

well i got money in the bank, a nice flat and a mercedes on the way so all i need now is a girl and i’m sorted :slight_smile: but some things are worth more than money :wink:

I have a little cushion in the bank I don’t spend much and am on permanent disability so I will always be able to pay rent.


İ have been working since 2007 and i diagnosed s very hard to work when you have delusions and paranoias. İt really affect your working quality. İ wish i could do fantastic jobs. Soft and gentle works but my delusions always find to way distortion my work and at the end i became a useless workforce. But thank god i m on disability so people don t mind my work quality but this is heart breaking. İ want to be professional but this disease never let me💔

I am dependent on my disability pension and family.

I own $1000 all up that I have saved incase of emergency.

This is not much money.
It would cover a vet visit or possibly a mechanical visit for my car depending g on the problem.

IF I needed new tyres I would be fu cked because I can’t afford it.

The richest I’ve ever been was when I had around $4000 saved up but I spent that moving myself and my sacred neigh to SA.

Now I’m saving up for Botox and filler.
Not sure if I can ever afford such expensive maintenance.
Doesn’t seem that way.

I have lots of expenses.

I have my own second hand car that was a gift.

The person who gave it to me said I need to swap it for a smaller car because it’s to big for me and it’s difficult to drive with low visibility and I’m not the best driver.

I am grateful for all I have but admittedly would like a little more so I could afford new tyres be it needed, so I could afford vet treatment be it needed and afford beauty maintenance etc

I have so much to be grateful for though and I am grateful.

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