Finally writing a book

I’ve decided to finally write a book connected to my experiences with sza, in the form of a fiction book in a fantasy setting. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and after years in recovery and finally with a diagnosis, I feel like I can begin writing and do so healthily. I’m so excited to start on this journey.


Yay. Sounds good. Write on!

Will you share excerpts of your writing on this forum?

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I’m going to be directly tackling psychosis, so probably not, just to avoid triggering people.

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write every day, at least fifteen mins. first do your “stepsheet” of events that you want to write the story of your book , then go back and “fill in” the stepsheet…the stepsheet is very important to begin and finish your book…good luck…I self published a book.

I’ve been writing for years and already know my writing style (I’m a Pantser, meaning I work better when I have no clue what will happen next), but thank you though.

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