Finally watched suicide squad

Was disappointed…didn’t like the joker…or the new batman…filled full of one liner dialog and they focused too much on the joker and Harley quin…deadshot would have totally killed Harley to gain his freedom and get custody of his daughter…ah this next round of DC movies are going to be a pain to sit through…marvel on the other hand is doing it right…lol


Yeah I didn’t like it at all. They were supposed to be villains, bad people, but they weren’t bad at all. Their badness was basically just a sassy attitude. And why did deadshot (and all the rest of the gang) suddenly like the officer guy who controlled them after he admitted he had been keeping (and not delivering) his daughters letters? That made no sense to me. Also they didn’t point out in the film that joker treats Harley like crap in reality. He basically tolerates that she follows him around everywhere, he likely wouldn’t give a crap if she was in jail. And yeah I thought Jared lehto was trying way too hard. Plus VILLIANS would have totally accepted the witches deal. And they end up destroying her powerful magic with…a bomb? How??

Overall I was disappointed too. I had been so excited for that and batman v superman and found them both terrible.

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I used to watch movies a lot, back when I wasn’t paranoid about messages.