Finally told a friend


I told a friend I was close to in high school about my illness. She didnt freak out she asked a few questions and then she said ok and changed the subject I think she doesnt care if I’m sick or not we talked all afternoon. Mostly about her kids and my nieces and nephew I bragged about my partners little sister. I loved her mom well technically step mom but she was awesome. She died from small cell lung cancer in 2012


That’s nice that you reconnected with an old friend.

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That’s pretty cool.

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That is so great you confided in your friend and she was so good about it. Then you know you have a dear friend!


She’s changed some so have I. She talks a lot and fast still. But she noticed I didn’t start with a joke or make any jokes like I use too. I told her the truth I don’t make people laugh like I use to be able to do


We all change as we grow up. It’s great you two could connect. So meaningful!

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