Finally some good days awaiting me

Now I’m finally been detoxed from the German shrinks toxic pills that I took for 20 years. That one took 1 1/2 years. So now I finally could lower my good quell from 800 to 600 mg in a time span of 1 month. So today I slept for 20 hours.
I just want to tell all of you that I have not lost interest in your lives or problems but I just can not find the words to write down. I found that much easier when I was on the shrinks speed pill but lives has got much easier to day where I’m load quieter and calmer than before.


Hey Quiet and calm are good things! Stay safe and have a happy Christmas :mrs_claus:


If I slept 20 hours a day I think I would dislike that.

If you have had a sleep schedule with 37 hours awake and 12 hours asleep then you really feel thankful for loads of sleep. The drug that damaged my health, sleep and cognition is out of my system here 1 1/2 year later. Now my sleep pattern Will restore my cognitive functionings the next 5 years. I used the poisonous pills for 20 years.

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