Finally Shaved and Got a Haircut

Hon thinks I look ten years younger.

The Barbershops opened here in my Province in Canada on Tuesday.

The bill was $25.00, but I gave my guy $30.00. Not a bad tip, I suppose. I told him he had some catching up to do.

Anyhoo, sound body, sound mind and all that jazz. I feel better now that I’m clean cut for a change.


Nice one. I wish they were open here I could do with a hair cut myself and my partner badly needs to get rid of his beard. He has had to resort to braiding his beard … usually 4 to 5 braids I think it looks ridiculous but cute in a weird way.


It’s my ‘Fat Hippie Theory’…

When all of the Barbershops and Salons are closed for months, our hair gets ridiculously long. Also, we’re all at home bored and stress eating, so we’re all gaining weight.

This is why I coined that term.


I’m glad you got a break in your personal weather.

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Would you have any opinions upon grey hair or buzz cuts Pat.

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Grey is cool although I barely have any grey hairs at 55 years of age.

The young lads keep getting a haircut which I call the FossinFlop! They buzz shave the sides of their hair and flop the top hair over.

My daughters think it is an hilarious name for that hairstyle.

Annnnd…Welcome to the Forum! @AshelyMapp

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Great response, & thxs

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How’s Canada ?

Nice there is it ?

March 1st is coming…

The weather is warming up a bit…longer days. What country are you from?

I’ve started having the odd grey here and there, and I’m 30! My hair is so dark I’ll soon be rocking the salt & pepper style


Guess I know your Smart !


I’d say you live in England?

@anon39054230 I dont know if you realize this but every time I read your posts, it’s in the voice of Patrick Starfish. Because of your old profile picture, I can’t help it. It’s funny though.


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