Finally saw the doctor

She was nice, my counselor was supposed to go with me because she thought I would “minimize” everything and not talk, but she had another appointment.

I had my sketchbook, it’s really the only way I can talk about personal because it keeps me focused on the drawing

So the doctor started me on seroquel which I ran out of a few months back when this reality unzipped. She wants me to take 300mg a day to start…

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that’s good, I hope any follow up appointments go well too. I just met my new pdoc last week, she seemed nice but it was through Skype.

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Thank you, really don’t know what would have happened had I knot found this forum, many here helped me get thru some turbulent times, you and Patrick and nick, dark sith and others

Just being able to know someone can relate and that they care

This site also helped me try other supplements and now added fish oil, panax ginseng, more vitamins, and sarcosine

Right now tho, now that I have the med, it’s the first couple daze that I have to fight to take it