Finally said something

Finally built the courage to say it to my mother via text, didn’t say everything although she was worried and curious, I just sent a simple text “I need to see a psychiatrist.” So I guess we’ll see where this goes. Hopefully I can go and get some diagnostic tests done or whatever, it’s bittersweet… But I need help. And I aslo wanted to say that I got a new job; it’s only temporary. Like, just next weekend for a couple days. I’m excited and extremely nervous, excited because I’m finally getting out of the house and I’m getting paid. Some dude wants me to clean up his garage and shed for a few hours going thru boxes and stuff. But yeah, if any of you have any advice on lowering anxiety, or anything like that’d be pretty helpful. I do meditation and praying the rosary on occasion, but anxiety is the same. I feel like I’ll do pretty good tho cuz keeping a job is a worry, and this is a few hours on a weekend. But still anxious and beyond paranoid, having thoughts of “maybe he’ll kidnap me” i don’t even know the dude,but yeah any tricks or advice on paranoia/anxiety would be very helpful! Thank you guys


Of late, I have wicked anxiety.


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well sharing these thoughts with another you can trust is good. i feel this is a good place to get feedback like that too. i keep in touch with others with mh problems and i find hearing others input calms me… but anxiety and paranoia may always be faults of mine. but keep sharing :slight_smile: its better to get it off your chest…

i also pursue hobbies to overcome sz

i hope you appreciate toon humor :slight_smile:


Congratulations on telling your Mum about needing to see a psychiatrist. Well done, that was brave.

Also congratulations on the job! Just slowly breathe and count to ten slowly when you start feeling anxiety coming on. It might help.


How did you meet this guy who wants you to clean his garage? If it was the Internet or a classified ad, I would suggest telling a friend/family member where you are going to be. And get paid up front. Your paranoia is reasonable in this case. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, but definitely take some reasonable precautions. Google the guy and see what comes up. Check his Facebook if you can. As someone who used to travel the country sleeping in strangers’ houses, I advise always checking someone out before going to a place alone with them.


As for anxiety, I have never been successful with breathing exercises or meditation when I’m in panic mode. If I am able to, I try to do an easy task that requires a lot of concentration, like making cupcakes or doing a load of laundry. Focusing on the steps helps derail my destructive thought patterns. If I am in full-on panic, I have only two options.

One: I put an ice pack on the back of my head. That is the area where your emotions are, and by cooling it, you reduce activity in that area. If your problem is with spiraling, uncontrollable thoughts, place the ice pack on your forehead. It literally chills me out.

Two: I put on blue tinted glasses. Blue is a calming color and for me it instantly mellows me out. My therapist recommended this to me to treat my brain injury symptoms, so I don’t know if it would work for you, but it’s worth a shot. It only works for about twenty minutes at a time, though. After that, your eyes adjust to the blue color and it stops registering.

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They are really good tips @cj9556 I’m going to try them.

My applause for your courage :grinning::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: