Finally made the trip to Kansas City last night

As I had been talking about getting my car fixed so I could go visit some old friends. Finally made that trip last night. Just chilled and caught up with one of the old college buddies and had a few beers. Played some rocket league… It was a good night and confirmed my car is highway worthy, though there are a few more things to be done.

Made it back just after 1 am… met up with my brother at a bar and gave a few folks a ride home.

Pretty good night I’d say.

I’ve also gotten better at rolling cigs… American Spirits… good tobacco without additives and doesn’t smell too bad. 10$ and I’ve smoked for 2 or 3 days without seeming to deplete the bag…

bout to roll another :coffee::sunglasses::smoking:

Yesterday was probably my best day symptoms-wise…


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