Finally let it out/vision?

I finally cried after about 2 years of not doing so. It was probably the depressant, but when I did I had this vision in my mind, of two people preaching to a crowd at the end times, they where prophets of old in the vision. Probably just another hallucination, just feels good to cry.


A vision of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation?

Jesus and some of the disciples also saw Moses and Elijah (prophets of old) on the mountain when he transfigured… multiple witnesses there.

It can happen.

Did you see any chickens?
When I saw the devil hanging around the front shop door, the sky was on fire in shades of red,orange and yellow, I knew the world had ended and I was the only human left. Suppose the devil was waiting to escort me out of there, but I was too afraid to let him see me leave, there were chickens on the ground,why? …maybe for one final tasty departing treat?

Anyway, crying is good to do once in a while.

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damn technical issues here…

but yes I know the feeling of not being able to cry…I went seven years without crying, felt like my frontal lobe was balled up tight like a fist when the tears wouldn’t come but it felt as if there was a well of tears all dammed up behind my eyes…frustrating as hell that.

when I finally cried it was for ten minutes and not the big release I was expecting but what the heck some tears came out and now I know it’s not impossible to cry.

next tackle is rediscovering love as it didn’t happen in my 20’s…way too numb and crazy I guess.


when you cry you also release toxins from your body as well as releasing emotional issues ( you let go of them in your mind and body , in my opinion ! ).
take care

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OMG…I have to reply with this! This old song must have caused the vision!!!

Hehehe…too funny!
I know the original song “psycho killer” can’t recall who did it…never heard this parody. hehehe

Talking Heads did Psycho Killer… as soon as I read about the chickens in the vision I knew I had to post that song Psycho Chicken… like it started playing in my head…LOL