Finally have my house on the market! 😎

After months of hard work, it’s finally ready to sell!

I paid 60k for it approximately 5 years ago at the bottom of the market and have been working on fixing it up in my spare time. I have approximately 30k in renovations put into the house. I’m hoping to sell it for around 160k, approximately doubling my investment!

What do you guys think? Does it look alright? :smile:


Nice house!!


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That’s great news! I like to see a person doing well in the housing market.


Man I’d love a house for that price. I’d have to pay like 800k for something like that here

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that seems like a great deal.

I suppose it is close to Disney World, I like Disney World.

It looks like your garage is huge from the pics.

Disney World is 30 minutes away. Florida residents are allowed to visit Disney World on their birthday for free. Still have to pay for parking though, which is around $15 the last time I visited several years ago.

It easily fits 2 cars and has plenty of extra room.

The price of land and housing is very cheap in the southeast USA.

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Are the incomes relative to the land price there? Or the land is just less expensive?

There’s a difference in income levels and cost of living, but not THAT much difference. An $800,000 house in the southeast would be a mansion in the nicest neighborhood or surrounded by acres of land.

Here’s a calculator to help compare prices to give you a general idea. I’d directly link to Seattle- Orlando comparison but my internet connection is horrible and will take forever to pull up the information.

Property taxes in Florida are quite high, but there’s no income tax. This is great if you have a high income job and bad if you have a low income job.

Also, public services in much of the southeast are absolutely rubbish, so it’s not a friendly place to live if you’re on disability.

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It is a beautiful home. no doubt about it.

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Nicely written ad!


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florida has a ton of pressure washing and roof cleaning businesses. thats what i do out here in canada

I’m sure there’s tons of demand in FL for roof cleaning. It’s brutally hot much of the year though so you’d have to be careful not to have a heat stroke. I re-shingled a section of my roof early in spring and found the heat unbearable many days around noon to 4pm. I can’t imagine working on roofs during the summer time, it seems like it would be miserable.

Anyways, I need to go home, cya!

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The first day 3 people looked at the house and 2 submitted offers! This is going much better and faster than I anticipated!


good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

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