Finally happy :)

today has been great! ive had enough sleep and sorted everything out yestrday i saw a friend i havent seen in a long time and due to insomnia acted really paranoid and scetchy so today i wrote her a nice letter and put a fluffy ferby in it called it a gremlin and told her not to feed it after midnight ill go to her house tomorrow and if shes not in post it through the door.
insomnia makes me really ill spleeps so important!


I need my sleep! I went to a new years party last night and didnt get to sleep until about 4. I slept till 1230.

glad you had a good day.
take care

o dear mortimous maybe a little cat nap will sort you out?
thanks darksith wishing you well:)

If I don’t sleep I won’t be very lucid the next day. I can still physically function to a certain level, but my brain wants to tell everyone about my revelations of the universe. Or I start going into clang association. I hate that.