Finally had a face to face

So finally went into the city to see my shrink in person. They have two new girls in reception and there was a bit of confusion with my psydoc ringing me at home for a phone interview…meanwhile I was sitting in his office.

Was good to catch up. Always an interesting man and not much for me in treatment. Picked up a script just in case we get lockdown again and had a good chat. Train back out of the city was busy but I took some hand sanitizer with me and didn’t touch anything I didn’t have too.


I think face to face appointments are much better.

The attitude of the mental health wing of the NHS is disgraceful

Whilst all their other workers are still operating normally, mental health services is not


Yeah my shrink told me he wasn’t too happy with the phone/zoom stuff. People could be struggling and still present well hiding problems. As he said to me…you could be sitting there with a knife and I wouldn’t know…A good shrink gets a handle on their patients. I like mine and he’s thorough. You try and keep the good ones.


This is so true.

I kinda take issue with being treated as I have a new psychiatrist who I have not even met yet, and all this Covid stuff is really messing things up

Did have an appointment today, but I cancelled it. He will probably still ring me though


We do phone appointments and I don’t mind. He sends me links for video chat but I haven’t bothered to set it up yet so we just do phone. I don’t see a huge difference to being there face to face. We’re just conversing either way. He’s a great doctor though, best I’ve had in many years.


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