Finally got work-from-home system configured properly

I spent yesterday morning experimenting with the level of my monitors for best results with progressive bifocals (middle-age, yay). Turns out I like them lower and it causes less eye strain.

I also tossed some spare bookshelf speakers and a mini-amp into the setup so I can rock out while working and have better sound for Webinars as well. My retro gaming console is on the top shelf because I didn’t have anywhere else to put it and I happen to like looking at it. Hoping to get around to setting up the new iPhone tomorrow, it’s still in the box.


good for you buddy…looks great !!

Sweet. How do you like the work from home gig? One of my sisters loves it & of my sisters hated it.

Given my distaste for the office environment I’d be a work from home lover, I’m sure.

I think it’s the only way to fly. I no longer lose at least an hour per day to co-workers having to pop into my office to visit. Really helps with the productivity. I don’t understand people who use work as a social outlet – it’s work. Do that shite in the evening, morons.

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