Finally got camera's set up

I live with and take care of my grandmother. She has Alzheimer’s. A while back she was drunk and fell out of bed. She had wooden floors and smacked her face. Everyone thought I beat her up. The first thing they do is point the finger at the crazy guy. I had adult child protective services show up at my house asking questions. I know I was suspect no1. It’s a good thing she fell on the side of her face that she did because if I would have been left handed they would have thought I did it. They did a full investigation.

I just installed a blink camera system in my house so if anything goes wrong I can prove I didn’t do it. I can also keep an eye on her when I’m grocery shopping and stuff. Next month I’m installing camera’s outside. A couple days ago someone broke into my car and stole my ipod.

Just covering my ass. The first thing they do in these instances is point the finger at the crazy guy. I might have schizophrenia but I’m not going to beat up my grandma.


I am pretty sure that alcohol is bad for Alzheimer. She shouldn’t drink.

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She quit after that incident which was a year ago


APS has to come check on every suspicious injury. Try not to take it personal. When I was a kid CPS got called on my family a whole bunch because we were very uncoordinated kids who fell over a lot. 9 or 10 visits to the ER every year is suspicious, so they would take us into a separate room and ask how did the injury happen and did we feel safe at home, etc.

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Either way, smart to have the cameras. Very young and very old people get injured a lot and it is important to protect yourself from suspicion. We kids would just say how we got injured, the story matched what our parents said, and we clearly weren’t afraid of them. Your grandma might not be able to remember what happened to her, and could have mood swings. A camera is very smart.


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