Finally found a medicine that helps with my thought (unusual)

I got on a benzo (Ativan) for anxiety. It’s been a month of taking it and every time I take it my voices disappear for hours (like 4-5 hours without voices). This means my voices can be caused by high anxiety and likely to be more in the OCD category for my illness. I’m just blessed to find something that helps.


My brother and father take Ativan - they like it very much, good luck with it :sunny:

They say ativan is potentially habit forming. The pdoc would never prescribe it for me. However when I went to the ER they sent me home with it. It was such a great relief to my symptoms.

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i am really happy for you.
take care

I am also glad you found one that works for you,I sincerely hope it would be till forever

The trick to getting benzos is not getting addicted to it. If you do they will cut you off of it cold turkey. So take it as the dr. prescribes and no more than that.

There is a benzodiazepine substitution thread currently running on an other forum, maybe interesting for people here as well.

Yeah I started Buspar a couple weeks ago, and I’m adjusting to it. It took away my appetite completely combined with Abilify. It’s better than a benzo and a few people recommended it to help with anxiety and depression. It’s working!!