Finally feel clean after surgery

Ahhh mom just helped me shave my legs, remove my bandages and take a shower and I will admit it was a little painful at times but I feel so much better now and it’s back to not hurting much! During the shower the last bit of tape that was over the stitches came off (it’s suppose to come off naturally in a few days but I guess it was ready early!) I’m glad I took a painkiller about 30 minutes before doing all of this! I have some bruising and the incision isn’t big at all… Looks like I only have 3 stitches so it’s not big I have a bit of bruising on the inside of my hand though


well wishes.



I hope you recover quickly. I’m glad you feel better. Showers feel good.


Wishing you a speedy recovery @Twialine.


I’m glad you’re doing well. Take it easy for a while. No harm in resting up.

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