Finally doing something for myself

i am so happy im getting a tattoo this week

its been 20years since my last one

i havent had the money for one but i saved up and now im gonna treat myself

i love tattoos cause it is the only thing they cant take away

they can take my freedom and my sanity but not my meaningful tattoos they all have meaning


Very cool. So good to save up and get a reward especially when your on a fixed income. Hope the tattoo goes well. Kudos to you.

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ty @rogueone !!!

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Do you know what your getting? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

im getting Dopey from snow white and the 7 dwarfs with his hand out holding a cardinal

its a tribute to my mom (her favorite character) and grandmother(her favorite bird she loved to watch them)

im also getting a portrait of my service dog who passed away last year


I hope it turns out very well!! I also love tattoos. I only have one, a medium sized one. I would like a few more. But I need to save up, like you did.

ya i been saving in a special account for 10 years and finally decided its time to use it

i love tattoos i already have 3

an Irish Keltic endless knot which stands for strength no beginning no end

a dog portrait he passed away 15 years ago

and a taru card meaning stand your ground

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That’s very inspiring @yoda123

ty @everhopeful

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After the rigid way I was raised, I find it difficult to accept tattoos but so many of my friends have them, so I’m the one who has to change my attitude. They are important to people.

ya i love them but for some people they are their therapy
my sister is covered from head to toe

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