Final weigh-in for 2020

How tall are you @LevelJ1?

I’m also 230# & 6’1” with a broad build. I probably haven’t been 205# since 8th grade. But my lowest as an adult is 210# it would be cool to get there again.

I don’t really see anything stopping me. Oh yeah, it takes effort… F

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In just under 6’3 but more athletic build. I used to be really fit muscular from 21-26 at around 185lbs.

33 now so i think 205 would better match me now if i can up my fitness.
Im going back to work in spring and it possibly may be labor intensive so i want to be in good conditioning for that

Hard work pays off :facepunch::muscle:


Agreed. Hard work for me is laying off the food before bedtime.

The work out is the fun part.


Yeah me too i like sugary stuff too much so i gotta be more balanced with that.

I like doing the workouts whether its cycling hiking, some weights.

Gives a good feeling of momentum especially when my mind doesnt feel like its going anywhere.

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I weighed 162.2 lbs. this morning. Normal BMI.

Fluctuates between 200-210 lbs. Lots of water weight. I am not itching to lose weight really, just be arthritis free.

Christmas 2019 I was 64 kg .

Christmas 2020 I was 56.7 kg .

Now I’m probably 58 kg because I ate heaps Christmas and new year.

My goal for 2021 is to be 55 kg .

No kidding. I’d give you a Pastafarian R’amen, but then we’d all wind up craving noodles.

So I won’t do that.


nice job, squirrel. I see you’ve been adding some fruits and veggies in addition to the nuts.
I’m up 20 lbs this year, from 200 to 220.

31 ib lost. I weigh 239.

Um, about that. I can play with nuts, but can’t eat them. Chunks of the little buggers always creep under the plate of a denture now when I’m eating them…


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