Final weigh-in for 2020

I’ve lost at least 62.2 lbs in 2020. Could be more, but my scale returns ERR as the weight when you pass 300 lbs, which is how I started out the year. I’m taking this win and I plan to keep going in 2021.

Anyone else have weight loss success this year?


No weight loss success this year but I’m going to try for it next year. Want to reverse diabetes before it’s too late. I’m around 240 lbs at the moment.


oh. and congrats btw :slight_smile:

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Congrats! That’s like an entire 9 year old child, heh.


I’m down like 8 pounds I think.

I think it’s from cutting out diet pop.


my weight stayed the same. I weight myself every once in a while and it’s stable at 80kg

You got me beat. I just checked and I’m 255lbs.

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I gained 20 lbs this year. I rarely exercise and my diet wasn’t great. I’ve been watching what I eat though and am down a few pounds. I’d like to get down to 170lbs. I’m at 184 now. I’m usually always the skinny kid, have been my whole life. Now I’m up 2 pant sizes

Ah you got me beaten @velociraptor !

I have lost 61.7 Ibs - or 28 kilos…

It’s such a good thing that the weight is shed this year.

Also hope to continue in 2021, but if I stay weight neutral, I would be happy with that as well, as I have lost weight and put it back on a few times now.


75kg and have maintained for 3 months at that weight. I was 79/80kg at June 2020.

I haven’t reversed type 2 diabetes, so I conclude it is med induced.

I got down to 73kg at one point, to no avail. :frowning:

Up to 110 press ups in one go though. :slight_smile:


Good job @velociraptor!!! I’ve lost 68 pounds since May


My weight has been pretty stable this year 95-93kg. I would like to get down to about 82-83. Well…today is the time for resolutions.

110 pressups? Is that like push ups? I used to have a friend that could just keep going. It is rare to be that strong. Very impressive.

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It has taken me a couple of years to build it up. I do it every morning as a creature of habit.

Press ups are what Americans call push ups.

At my age (48) you start losing muscle mass so I’m hoping it will help me maintain it. :muscle:

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Swimming is good if you have the facilities to do it.

I go to the local gym 4x a week now when it’s open

It works out at £4.11 a swim session, or the public pool always has classes on, but is £6.50 a time

Gym was never something I thought I’d join.

Been there for this year, and only stepped foot where the machines are when they showed me around.

I literally just pay for the pool


I’m on a strict anti inflammatory low carb diet that this doctor/nutritionist placed me on.
For the entire year I probably lost over 20 pounds or so but recently lost like 7 pounds.

I plan to continue eating healthy and I plan on losing more weight.


I lost about 20 lbs at the beginning of the pandemic due to stopping all take out food and also eating less in general due to stress. I gained maybe 5 lbs of that back.

Since I am experiencing stress and anxiety again currently, I am eating much less than usual and have lost at least 5 lbs in recent weeks. So I’m down a net total of 20lbs this year.

I’m also trying to walk more so that helps with weight loss and improves my mood.


I broke the under 200 lb. mark this year…I currently weigh 185.


Good job @velociraptor!

I just started on a weight loss plan about a week ago.
Cut out pops and sugary cereals and fast food is only once a week for the next while.
I also started power walking daily.
im at around 230 and id like to get to 205. that would be pretty great for my height/build

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Good stuff congrats