Figured out why im so depressed lately

Went on a 2 hour walk today and I feel much better. I’m not where I want to be mentally or socially(my weaknesses), but I accomplished something. And, I haven’t been doing anything like that. Nothing, just watching TV and doing much of nothing. I figure we must get a sense of accomplishment from something or we will continue on the downward spriral. I can paint, draw, clean house, take better care of myself, walk, beat a video game etc… These things I MUST do to have some feeling of accomplishment and self worth. And, I haven’t been doing much of anything lately. What do you do to give yourself a sense of accomplishment?


I got out of the house today a couple times. I worked on my paper for my online class. I was nice to some neighbors which is a BIG accomplishment. But yeah, I walked to the store twice and got milk and soda. Went through the drive-thru a couple times for a lemonade.

We replaced my mom’s cordless phone with a new one today, went over to her house and got it set up. She was down to one phone that had a decent battery. It’s nice to be able to help her out when she needs things.

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One thing I do that I wish I didn’t is constantly have the television on. Sometimes I even sleep with it on. When the t.v. is off it talks to me and I am paranoid at what it has to say. I like to crochet, draw, paint. I am packing up to move and its taking two months to do it. Moving day is July 2nd. Hopefully I will be ready by then.